Beranda Informasi Pembahasan Lengkap tentang Peletakan Gerund dalam Kalimat atau Frase

Pembahasan Lengkap tentang Peletakan Gerund dalam Kalimat atau Frase


Artikel ini adalah lanjutan dari Pembahasan Gerund dan Penggunaannya.

Penempatan Gerund dalam kalimat atau frase


1. Gerund diletakkan setelah kata sifat 

Dalam hal ini hanyalah kata sifat yang bisa berfungsi sebagai penjelas (modifier) dan Gerund adalah kata benda yang diterangkan (head).
Contoh :
*Divy made delicious cooking.
*That movie has a happy ending.
*This cream is used to prevent a premature aging.
*What causes a global warming ?
*Can we stop the cases of illegal loggings ?

2. Gerund diletakkan setelah Possesive Adjective atau Genetive.

Contoh :
*Do you like my mother’s cooking ?
*Olla is intersted in his teaching.
*Your thinking becomes idols in our school.
*Will Marsya exhibit his painting next week ?
*Is that your grandfather’s housing ?

3. Gerund sesudah Idiomatic Expressions

Dalam bahasa Inggris ada sejumlah frase yang harus diikuti dengan VERB-ING (Gerund).
Contoh-contoh Idiomatic Expressions yang diikuti Gerund adalah :

Kunci Soal Bahasa Inggris UKK 6 SD Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

a. There/ It is no use + Gerund (Tak ada gunanya)
Contoh :
*There is no use crying over spilt milk. (Tak ada gunanya menangisi susu yang tumpah)
*There is no use hanging out.
*There is much use reviewing the lesson that we have studied.
*Is it/there any use staying up every night ?
*Is it any use playing on-line game ?

Note : Much use adalah kebalikan dari no use. Any use digunakan untuk kalimat tanya (Interrogative).

b. There/ It is no good + Gerund (Tak ada bagusnya/baiknya)
Contoh :
*There is no good telling a lie (Tak ada bagusnya bercerita bohong)
*Is there any good cheating in a test ? (Apakah ada bagusnya menyontek dalam ujian)
*It is so much good giving alms to the poor and the needy. (Banyak baiknya memberi sedekah kepada fakir miskin dan yang membutuhkan)

Tahun Ini Seluruh Sekolah Wajib Pakai Kurikulum 2013

c. There /It is no fun +Gerund (Tak ada senangnya)
Contoh :
*There is no fun getting lost in the forest.
*Is there any fun being led by a dictator ?
*It is much fun snorkelling with some friends.
*Is it any fun being taught with English ?

d. There is no harm in + Gerund ( Tak ada salahnya)
Contoh :
*There is no harm in being rich.
*Is there any harm in marrying a widow ?
*It is no harm in askung for some help.

e. There is no point + Gerund ( Tak ada nilai/harganya)
Contoh :
*There is no point in discussing with a stubborn person .
*Is there any point in prostrating unto God ?
*There is no point worshiping dolls of clay or stone.

Soal Tematik Kelas 2 Tema 2 Subtema 2 Bermain di Lingkunganku - Bermain di Rumah Teman Kurikulum 2013 Terbaru

f. It is worth + Gerund (Berguna /bermanfaat/penting)
*It is worth doing sport regularly.
*It is not worth gambling.
*It is worth keeping our health.
*Is it worth abusing drugs ?

Note :
Subject + be + worth + Gerund
Gerund dalam struktur kalimat di atas harus diterjemahkan ke dalam arti pasif, dan kata worth bermakna layak/pantas.
Contoh :
*Seawater is not worth drinking (Air laut tidak layak diminum)
*The corruptors are worth imprisoning for long time. (Para koruptor layak dipenjara dalam waktu yang lama)
*No one worth insulting, are they ? (Tak seorangpun pantas dihina, bukan? )
*This food is not worth eating anymore. (Makanan ini tidak layak dimakan lagi)

g. Can’t stand + Gerund (Tidak tahan)
Contoh :
*Marissa can’t living in a small house. (Marissa tidak tahan tinggal di rumah kecil)
*Tiara can’t stand being lied. (Tiara tidak tahan dibohongi)
*Kemal can’t stand working indoor. (Kemal tidak tahan bekerja di luar)
*Can you stand being fooled ? (Bisakah anda tahan ditipu ? )

Gerund after Other Verbs plus Contoh Kalimat Lengkap

h. Can’t help + Gerund (Tidak bisa menghindar)
Contoh :
*She can’t help getting very early because her class starts at 6 am.
*Anton can’t help earning money for his family after his father’s death.
*Can he help staying in a boarding house ? His house is far from his school.

i. Go + Gerund (Pergi)
Go + Gerund digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan rekreasi.
Contoh :
*He went camping last week.
*Will we go cycling this afternoon ?
*When are you planning to go golfing ?
*She goes jogging to keep her body fit.
*We have gone snorkelling in Banda sea.

Go sailing = pergi berlayar
Go parasailing = pergi bermain paralayang
Go skiing = pergi bermain ski
Go hunting = pergi berburu
Go sightseeing = pergi cuci mata
Go iceskating = pergi bermain seluncur es
Go swimming = pergi berenang
Go boating = pergi berlayar /bersampan
Go fishing = pergi memancing
Go windowshopping = pergi jalan-jalan ke mall tapi tidak membeli
Go canoing = Pergi bermain kano
Go rafting = pergi berarung jeram

Prediksi UKK Bahasa Inggris 5 SD Kunci Jawaban UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

j. Would you mind + Gerund (Apakah anda keberatan…)
Idiomatic Expression would you mind digunakan untuk meminta seseorang melakukan sesuatu.
Contoh :
*Would you mind passing that way ?
*Would you mind not smooking in front of me ?
*Would you mind not turning the air conditioning ?

4. Gerund after Number (cardinal, Ordinal and fraction)

Contoh :
*We must attend two briefings before joining a weekly meeting.
*Marta has finished five drawing on her laptop.
*This is my half writing.
*The first dating leaves memories strongly.
*We can learn much from the first driving.
*This is only two third painting.

5. Gerund after Time

Contoh :
*Many students were absent on Saturday briefing.
*When did your father attend an annual meeting ?
*She likes a Saturday night dating.
*Morning jogging is much better.
*She goes monthly shopping in the Sri Ratu.

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6. Gerund after Demonstrative and Question Words

Contoh :
*This housing is my grandfather’s.
*Those buildings will be demolished soon.
*What drawing are you making now ?
*Whose teaching always inspire you ?
*How many painting will be exhibited in the fair next week ?

To be continued…
See Gerund after Preposition